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I have been using Propecia and minoxidil for years, I have also had hair transplant surgery. I have very little hair loss as a result of using these two products. Will Shapiro MD do anything for me?

Shapiro MD's products are very complimentary to use for Hair Transplant or Propecia (finasteride) patients.  

The problem with Propecia (besides a high risk or known side effects) is that it works great because it blocks the production of DHT from the Prostate - but when you stop using it, the odds of going right back to where you started are extremely high.

The problem with Hair Transplants (besides being very expensive, and finding the correct professional to perform them) is that, following the years after a successful surgery, often times your body will simply continue to produce DHT and you will continue to lose hair in the areas in-which a transplant was not performed.  

Shapiro MD products have received 2 patents for their unique combination of naturally occurring blockers of the hair loss process. Shapiro MD is different than other natural hair restoration and synthetic treatments because it blocks the androgen receptors and prevents testosterone from entering the cell and becoming DHT. Shapiro MD, with its ingredients, halts our genetic predisposition to hair loss and thinning. So the Shapiro MD line of products work very complimentary to both Transplants and Propecia (finasteride).

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  • 23-Sep-2017