Month to Month Expectations

Month 1 - 2

As our products get to work blocking harmful DHT in your scalp, your hair follicles will start clearing out older, thinning strands of hair to make way for newer, healthier strands. This is a vital and necessary step in the hair growth process, and minor hair shedding may occur. Don’t worry, you’ll be amazed by how much healthier your new hair looks and feels after sticking to your regimen.

Month 3 - 4

With lower levels of DHT present in your scalp, hair loss begins to slow. At this point, you can expect to feel a difference in thickness and texture near the root.

Month 5 - 8

You’re now firmly into your hair growth journey, with new, healthy hairs continuing to form and develop. By now, visibly thicker and stronger looking hair should be apparent. 

Month 9 and Beyond

At this point, your hair is on a stable path of growth and vitality, but don’t stop now. DHT is produced naturally by the body, which is why fighting hair loss is a constant battle. Stopping treatment could undo all the progress you’ve made until now, continue blocking stubborn DHT with daily use of Shapiro MD’s products.

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